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Halloween has its roots in underworld demons and all it takes is a little libation indulgence to let them bubble to the surface. I had my doubts about the holiday this year because I couldn’t […]

Ghostones Photoshoot

UE recently took The Ghostones out for a proper photoshoot for some upcoming gigs around the City.  I decided to go a little industrious our location under the El tracks for a good urban feeling, […]

Willamette Valley part deux

Being one of the lucky ones to attend this sampling of quite possibly one of the oddest states in the contiguous 48, I must try to relate a short seven day sample of this small […]

Anti-Wall Street Protests

For the past week, a loosely organized group called Occupy Chicago has decamped outside the Federal Reserve building in the heart of Chicago’s financial district. I heard about the protest from a friend and was […]

The Ghostones

Live! from the Town Hall Pub! in their debut performance! I present to you The Ghostones! It’s usually in the dark and dreariest of places that talent is born and last Thursday night, at The […]

Hideout Blockparty

Chicago’s Hideout is a famed place, so famed in fact that if you were to ask a random Chicagoan a story about the Hideout you’re likely to get a 10 minute recitation on one of […]


Once a fall I like to get out of the City and enjoy some crisp fall weather at a Spartan tailgate. I love Big 10 tailgates; they’ve got the campuses, the green space, the rabid […]

Willis Earl Beal

[EDITORS UPDATE: Willis got paid! He signed with XL Records/Hot Charity and has tour dates scheduled all over the world. Watch more Willis videos exclusively at UE.] The universe works in mysterious ways. Sometimes when […]


UE is getting ready for a much needed work/vacation out in Portland, Oregon. Rest assured, we’re hard @ work in the studio to keep the content flowing. I’ve got an awesome backlog of images that […]