Screen Test with Gavin


Sooo..UE has been busy setting up the design of the new web roll out and that’s been eating up my time- don’t knock the hustle. But it’s also a double-edge sword because I’ve been busy amassing new content with a whole bunch of homegrown Chicago talent and I can’t stay quiet forever. The plan is to feature a bunch of new stuff with the release, but I’m going to give you guys another sneak peak at some of the artists I’ve been working with.

UE recently filmed a screen test with Gavin Wilkinson of The Bears of Blue River on a cold frosty morning; we like to keep it frigid in the studios just to keep those vocals crisp. Gavin performed his original “Painted Lady” in a cargo loading bay (ahem) UE studios where the temperature is just a shade above freezing which might be discovered by those visible breaths. Gavin’s got a fresh approach to playing the guitar, mixing up plucking and strumming tempos, that compliment his earnest vocals well. He also gets some props for sending a shot out to George, Paul, John & Ringo (obviously a site favorite) and he joins the growing ranks of UE Screen Testers that sport badass cowboy boots to the shoot.

Check out The Bears of Blue River’s myspace page for a slue of indie folk songs that are just pleasing to the ear. And stay tuned for UE 2.0.