The Ghostones

Live! from the Town Hall Pub! in their debut performance! I present to you The Ghostones!

It’s usually in the dark and dreariest of places that talent is born and last Thursday night, at The Town Hall Pub, The Ghostones made their debut. A trendy group of 100 or so Chicagoans packed the pub to capacity to hear lead singer Willis Earl Beal cut through the thicket of noise with jaw-dropping vocals. Backed by Tim Johns on guitar, Matt Murch on bass and Raul Cotaquispe on the drum set, The Ghostones have a achieved a cult-like following since Willis appeared in the pages of The Reader this summer. The band performed a set of 10 songs on a stage barely larger than a kitchen table, but made the best of the situation with jokes and stories in between songs. Their sound is best described as soulfully raw and displays undertones of blues, rock, country and folk.

The unlikely story of how the band all came together has been covered on UE before, but its worth mentioning that prior to the night of the show, Raul had not even sat in with the band. It’s always most interesting to see how bands grow as their creative energy reverberates off each other, and The Ghostones no doubt have a bright future working together as their sound continues to develop.

Unfortunately, due to the confines of the crowd, I had to record off a shotgun mic attached to the camera, so the lack of sound on the vocals is all the authors fault. Follow The Ghostones on Facebook and get all the latest information on upcoming gigs. Below, enjoy two demo recording (click the below link in red) and two songs from the show.


I’ll Bring You Down