Red Ring of Death

It can get cold in Chicago come January. We’ve had record snowfall and sub-freezing temperatures for an extended period of time, and while there are many ways to beat the cold, playing Xbox is one of the top. So you can imagine my dismay to learn that my Xbox was FUBAR. I paid some guy on ebay to repair it; he sent it back to me fixed for just over two weeks (conveniently two days outside merchant’s warranty), but then the xbox broke again…for good.

The death of the Xbox was proudly announced by the infamous “Red Ring of Death” on the Xbox console. I’m not going to lie, this was pretty much me hitting rock bottom in life, and, luckily, the staff at UrbanEyez was there to capture the raw emotions.

This video, in true form, may be the most random video you see today. Hell, it may be the most random video you see all year, but that doesn’t make it unworthy of 2 minutes – if anything else for the awesome music provided by Greg Gillis Girl Talk. The man has got an amazing talent for creating dance mash-ups on his MacBook Pro featuring over 373 samples (and kudos to the 373 artist in those tracks too). I mixed in bits of his 5th album after I tried mixing the video with ‘Good Vibrations’ from The Beach Boys.

This last point bares mentioning because it’s become increasingly difficult to upload a video containing copyright material. Record labels are quickly catching up with the wild-west that is the internet. Starved for new avenues of potential revenue, the media conglomerates have all but shut down many of the open infringements readily on display online. The question thus becomes which side of the fence you sit.

I must admit that I am guilty of using copyright songs in home videos and photo slideshows. Who isn’t? I understand the fine distinction between using as my own private video vs. tagging a public website online, but at the same time I’d like to think that Brian Wilson isn’t sitting in his room personally pissed at me for mixing a song he wrote 45 years ago (though he may very well be…especially in his room).

So for our noncommercial purposes, we’re left to mix music from Girl Talk, who almost epitomizes the new age of digital music. Mr. Gillis’s album boasts hundreds of different “original” music artists from a host of eras and genres. His new album is available HERE for FREE. Also, Girl Talk sold out 2 back-to-back shows at the Congress next month.

[Editor’s Note: This video is part of our new video camera implementation. The Red Ring of Death doubles as our slow-motion screen test for the Canon xh a1. For the techies out there, this video was shot in 1080i @ 60 fps with a 1/180 shutter speed. The video was then uploaded in a slower 25fps to Final Cut Express with deinterlaced frames down to shutter, and then slowed down again to 25%. It ain’t flawless but we ain’t got big budgets either. For best results, wait for your CPU to stream the 1080 feed.]

  • riiiiip

    lol @ slow mo five hour energy chug. only thing missing was a slow mo audio roooooaaaar.