A duo of sharp grad students recently designed an extraordinary camera in the form of a ball. Inside the ball are 36 digital cameras that work in tandem to create a 360 degree x 360 degree image at 108 megapixels. You gotta check it out.

Ira Glass gives an empowering breakdown of how to start and maintain a career in creativity.

These are some of the best opening scenes in movies, regardless of the merits of the actual picture.

This is a honest story of Detroit that exposes the hard work, grit and resilence going on in the City that I love.

This is probably Yanni’s best uncommissioned music video. Or is it?

The Milky Way galaxy has four arms, and it’s pretty cool.

Hyperthymesia is a pretty crazy condition where a person is unable to forget memories, even the little mundane details of your day. People who have this condition say that it’s a major hinderance because it impairs them from creating new memories b/c they’re so often focused on the past. I recently watched Spike Jonze’s masterpiece called “Her” where he wrote, “The past is just the story we tell ourselves.” If you feel that you have an extrodinary memory, you should head on over to Baylor University’s website to take the researcher designed test. Spoiler alert: I failed miserably but did pretty well on the ordering events section. One of those with the condition discussed how living their life was like living in split-screen, where on one hand you are processing new information, while on the other you are always reliving the past, AT THE SAME DAMN TIME.

Outkast is coming back. I still need to see them ever since they pulled a no-show at the 1999 Tibet Freedom Festival at Alpine Valley.

Kanye West is no doubt an eccentric man. I recently caught his YEEZUS tour and found it to be one of the most thought-provoking shows I’ve witnessed. It was unlike any other concert I’ve ever seen and boy was it entertaining. Some may have a preconceived notion rap shows being about entourage, yelling and waving towels, but this was from a different world. You can read a brillant analysis of the show and it’s parallels to Alejandro Jodorowsky’s The Holy Mountain – a movie that was only made after John Lennon put up the 1M financing to back it.

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